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& Elena Trashkova

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( Holly)

HC Genetically Clear - PHPV Unaffected - L2-Hga Clear
d.o.b. 30.12.2008


Russian Junior Champion, Russian Champion, Champion RKF,
Grand Russian Champion, National
Club Champion,
Champion of Terrier Union of Russia,

Champion, Estonian Champion.

Holly was born in the Gadkey's Kennel in Great Britain. When she was 3,5 months old, we brought her to Russia. You know, all my life I dreamed of a female dog, but due to some unexpected circumstances all the dogs we bought were males. But here she goes - GADKEY'S APHRODITE, Holly for
short. It is so hard for me to describe her as I can not find proper words for that! She is such an
extraordinary, unique, extremely enchanting and cheerful girl. She has incredibly beautiful eyes and glance, the glance of Aphrodite! All my family adores her, she took her place in our life so easily that I
question myself - how could we live without her? I confess we take ill of a STUFFY disease? I suppose it is so difficult to make a decision to take the second dog, but later you understand there is no reason to resist and you take the third dog+ Stuffy is the breed you cannot leave without!!!